Tomorrow is dragging a peach 

This work is a video/poem recalling an actual event seen by the narrator. Upon seeing the
violent act of a high heel stabbing and dragging a peach, the narrator is unsure how to respond.
So, their way of dealing with what they’ve seen is to 1.) film the event 2.) write a poem 3.)
reenact the scene.

Fish out of Water

Fish Out of Water is a video that drifts between three storage spaces that exhibit aspects of globalism, collection, and captivity. The locations, a supermarket, an aquarium, and the insides of an art institution seen via Google Street Views, serve as examples of man-made globalization dioramas, where goods that are usually separate exist in artificially close proximity. Each location features a character borne from a Western Liberal Democracy (WLD) navigating their way through these spaces, utilizing a trusted piece of technology, Google Translate, to soothe their monolingual state. Operating these synthetic global ecosystems, where the foreign goods come together and are rearranged and decontextualized into a new mapping of the world. This re-mapping tends to demand the use of technology as translator and interpreter. What happens when a transnational corporation is entrusted with providing context for local stories, streets, and objects? Can this arduous task be left to a monopoly? Will these monopolies continue to build algorithms that assume whiteness as neutral and pulling the periphery into its center, perpetuating a whole new kind of colonialism? This video seeks to address these issues with a bit of cynicism and humor.