some examples of poems from past few years: 


(Nov 11, 2020)

Staring at sugar and thinking it is salt!

Staring at salt and thinking it is sugar!

(Tasting salt and knowing it is salt!)

(Tasting sugar and knowing it is sugar!)


(March 5, 2021)

Green green green hills I’d 
Like to roll down!
Squinting orange... no squinting 
Red-orange and greening my shorts
And I see starts!
Dizzy yellow stars
And you absolutely laugh at this
And wave a checkered flag: 
“Go! , go! , go!” 


if i moisturize with wet skin apparently it is better that way

then it really penetrates those pores, they say!

wet on wet wet

deep diving into my face rather than my head,

…this is a nice change of pace!


march 3, 2021

sometimes i squeeze my eyes very tightly at night and try to imagine different foods with honey on them. imagining them sweet. imagining them slightly sticky. trying very hard to know the taste and believe it might taste good!


a rolling suitcase over pavement sounds just like a galloping horse!

i hope i am not so violent. i hope i do not disturb anyone. i hope i can be quiet, muffled hooves. i think to myself “am i evil?” and, as i land on the final syllable, a wheel dismembers,
forgets how to roll, instead, claws at the pavement, leaving deep gashes.
out of the wounds enters a jagged valley, with a river of fresh grass, gasping for air, quickly
de-greening, no interest in what is above, ahead, and behind.
the scraping sound pierces ears and soon the street is empty.
and, get this, the emptiness sucked up all noise!
no galloping, no scraping, but it spared one sound…
the sound of a whimpering dog coming from my wretched bag of belongings.
“i’m so sorry!” i say, but it cannot hear me, it is just a suitcase!