Without Proper Entanglement (2017)

Without Proper Entanglement was an exhibition of communication between two artists that was artificially limited by the curators, Riley Cavanaugh and Maya Simkin. These strangers, under close monitoring, were meant to collude on creating this show, but faced strains in their relationship instigated by the curators who forced the artists to play with the boundaries of language, confusing rules, and non-tactile means of getting to know each other. The artists (x and x x, as they know each other) were monitored by Cavanaugh and Simkin during the entire process. First they were given 1000 words to exchange via email as they wished, then allowed to share images of words on paper, followed by two recorded phone calls, and a constructed meeting at the opening of the exhibition. Each artist made responsive works to their partner under strict guidelines and forced mystery. Through limited word-counted emails, images, audio clips, writing with their left hand to each other, a very long phone call, and a lot of confusion, x and x x, presented a multimedia show on relationship strain, lapses in communications, and getting to know someone from a distance. This show was put together by four people all on different screens. View their interactions here.

Outside the House (2017)

In collaboration with Maya Simkin, Outside the House was created to be an extremely temporary exhibition existing for about five hours on the evening of May 24th, 2017 outside of Simkin’s parent’s suburban home while they were out of town. It featured 40 artists that hailed from different countries such as Belgium, Iraq, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Greece, and the United States. Participants were prompted to explore the space outside of a home and other boundaries, and works were only allowed to be displayed using the outdoor parts of the suburban house. We encouraged performance and installation work to engage with haptic memory and motion, by ruling that work should "crawl, fall, swing, sway, or climb," in some way. The result was an enormous multimedia exhibition that Simkin’s parents can never find out happened.

See the full catalogue here.